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At Knine we recognize that every dog is different and requires different needs. Especially aggressive dogs with a biting history. When most people hear that a dog bites, they immediately assume that it is a bad or evil dog. However, this is a common misconception because there can be many other reasons for a dog biting. In many cases, the dog's biting might be linked to the dog's breed because some dog breeds are more aggressive than others. 

The inspiration for Knine originally came from an Olde English bulldog named Chester, who was just about as aggressive as they get. Chester was a purebred Olde English bulldog who had a natural predisposition to be aggressive and bite. But Chester’s biting and aggression were only one side of him. The other sides of him showed a very loyal dog who just wanted to protect and be with his family.

Aggressive dogs like Chester have brought a wide variety of problems to many dog shelters because most dog shelters aren’t equipped to take care of aggressive dog breeds due to the increased time and money needed to help out these dogs. This is causing many dog shelters to be forced to euthanize aggressive dogs just because they don't have the funding and or experience to deal with these aggressive dogs.

On the bright side, there are many other organizations that help to take in these aggressive dogs who otherwise would be put down in shelters. Many of these organizations are doing a great job at trying to take in as many aggressive dogs as possible, however, this can be difficult due to the excess finances involved in running these facilities.

Due to this crisis, Knine is pledging to donate a portion of its sales to “Majestic Canine Rescue” to help fund many of these dogs and give them the great lives that they deserve. Knine has chosen to support “Majestic Canine Rescue” because they have been doing a really good job at helping out these aggressive dogs and trying to give them new and better lives.

At Knine, our mission is to raise awareness of the challenges faced by aggressive dog breeds while combining our love for streetwear to create a community around the Knine.

For more information on “Majestic Canine Rescue” view the attached link: http://majesticcaninerescue.squarespace.com/